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    we are 90 miles inland, e are getting part of it but not too bad , nothing like the coast. i feel so bad for them. we are getting a lot of wind, and a little rain. thanks for asking.
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    @Cayuse Sounds great! Peanut will become an awesome competition driving pony! 😄 @Marsha Cassada Moony has popping knee joints. He never had a problem with this, he's moving normally (until now). The popping is getting better the more muscles he gained. I keep my fingers crossed the mare is ok! I have received some pictures of our competition adventure: We met a team of percherons. They did the same cones trail course as we did. And we already thought it was very difficult... OMG Last week, I didn't drive much. We had a lot of other activities. I picked the ponies up for a swim in the lake one evening (I have TONS of photos - do you want to see some?). And the dentist was here. And the vet was here too to make an endoscopy of Teddys trachea because he had an abnormal breathing when he's working. He did not found the cause, so I'll bring Teddy in a vet clinic in two week where they can make a dynamic endoscopy. After the endoscopy, Teddy has an imflammation on his larynx, so I took him only out for walks, no driving for the moment. Hope he'll recover fast and I hope they will find out what's the problem in his breathing. I had a miniature shetland years ago who had a tracheal collapse and I had a big pony with COPD longer ago. Teddy hasn't the same symptoms and it seems not to be that bad right now, but I want to know about BEFORE it starts to be very bad. oh, and I had a little adventure with Moony. I hitched him on saturday to the sulky. He did great, but as we cantered up a hill, the breeching was skittered up, under his tail. He frightened and his reaction was to kick against. I got him back under control after a few kicks and drove along. After a few minutes I realized one of the cords was between his legs. I immediatly stopped to fix it, and we continued. He luckily go ahead like usual. At home, I saw he was injured on his inner tigh because of the cord. I was a really stupid driver! He had a rest now for one day. He's such a great horse that he's not freaking out!
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    Not sure if I'll get something made before the end of 2018, but I couldn't resist these horse panels at the store today, plus a couple coordinates and the white at the bottom doesn't go, but is tone on tone cowboy boots, so I had to have it.
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    At 5 months, he's too young for lunging, the circles are too hard on the immature joints. Your daughter is going to need to try to make a point of spending 10-15 minutes once or twice a day doing basic handling with him, all on lead for now; just basic starts, stops, walking, and teaching him to respect space. I try to leave my horses alone while they are eating (at least their hard feed), as that is their time; but at the same time, they must respect me, and if I need to clean stalls or whatever while they are eating, I expect them to tolerate it, and not get pushy. As he's only 5 months, he needs good nutrition to grow well, so should be on a growth formula feed til 18-24 months old; if he's a really easy keeper, than a ration balancer might be a better option for him; this is of course in addition to his forage (hay or pasture). [If he's not had hard feed before, it might take a little bit for him to readily eat it, they are suspicious of new things.]
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    25 minutes driving Peanut. Thanks
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    Not much driving last week... we had a lot of other activities like swimming in the lake, dentists and vets visit. Tuesday 50 minutes for the 3-in-hand team friday 30 minutes ground driving for Teddy saturday 70 minutes for Moony sunday 40 minutes for Massai
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    30 minutes driving and 60 minutes ground driving this week for Peanut.
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    got in a little driving time. charlie on wednesday 60 min., and 70 minutes friday, yesterday. one hour for daisy thursday.
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    Glad you both could get out, sounds like your back is feeling better (I hope!).
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    one hour for Dapper Dan today. We both took it easy and had a lovely morning drive. He is such a good boy!
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    Perfectly said Debby. I would also suggest having him gelded and honestly I would do it sooner rather than later. It will make training him so much easier. As Debby has said , his attention span is very minimal being so young and keeping him as a colt is only going to make the training process harder. To me it sounds like he had a halter put on him before you got him, but had not been taught to "lead" very well. A horse that has been taught to lead correctly , should respect your space, halt when told to and be able to move forward on cue. I would honestly get him gelded, it will be so much safer& easier for your daughter to work with him. As he is only a baby, you have all the time in the world. He will continue to develop physically over the next couple of years, but very important you get his manners on the right path from the start. Keep us posted on his progress if you have time and ask away any questions you like , everyone's friendly here and willing to help
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    ADT, CDE wow, thats wha i want to hear. Charlie , sunday 9-9 , 90 minutes and today 75 min. Daisy monday 65 min.
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    @Cayuse Thanks! Was your ADT this weekend? If not, good luck too :) We had a lot of fun at the competition, I'll write about in the driving day-thread to not produce too much spam in this thread :D Our driving on this weekend and during the week: thursday: 50 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony friday: 60 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony saturday: 30 minutes for Massai and 40 minutes for Teddy => Massai was in a team with another pony who's not my own... I usually don't drive them together, so I think we can count this as "single driving" for Massai? sunday: over 3 hours driving on the competition with Massai and the other pony
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    Northwolf good luck at the CDE, I think we are going to our first ADT next weekend, too. I am not driving him, but my instructor is. I don't know if he will actually compete or not, it depends on how comfortable he feels. We may just let him "visit" the first time. It is is first driving outing, I have no idea what his reaction will be. Can I have 30 minutes driving Peanut please? Thanks!
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    Oh yes, we were busy too this weekend! :D it finally cooled down, so it was nice driving weather. 1 hour on saturday with my 3-in-hand team Massai/Moony/Teddy 90 minutes on sunday with Massai, and 50 minutes with the team Teddy/Moony Next weekend, we will start on our very first CDE. I'm very excited!
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    charlie momday 90 min, wednesday 55 min, friday 75 minutes. daisy tuesday 45 minutes, thursday 60 minutes, saturday 30 minutes THANK YOU.
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    30 minutes of driving Peanut today. Thanks.
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    I ground drove Peanut 15 minutes, then the instructor took him for a drive.
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    90 minutes for the team Teddy/Massai/Moony on wednesday
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    20 minutes ground driving Peanut today, thank you!
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    one hour for Dapper Dan today.
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    Yesterday: quick 20 minutes for Teddy (single)
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    friday: 60 minutes for the team Teddy/Massai saturday: 2 hours for Moony hitched on the sulky (what a fun!) sunday: 2 hours 3-in-hand hitch Teddy/Moony/Massai Thanks :-)
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    Hi MC! 30 minutes ground driving followed by!30/minutes driving Peanuttoday.y. My keyboard is acting up again, lol.
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    Finished a wallhanging....