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    Luck enough to catch a full rainbow after a much needed thunderstorm the other day. I had to take two photos to get it all.
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    Coming home this evening there was an unusual cloud array around the waxing moon. Husband's cell phone has a crack, so that defaces the picture. But you can get an idea of how striking the sky was.
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    I have 2 AMHR registered boys, although one is out a AMHR/ ASPC mare. what I'm curious about is what is known about the heritage, is the ASPC Classic? Do any of them go back to Welsh ponies? My boys are IMO both quite nice, the one from Cross Country, who is doubled up on Lazy N Red Man is a lovely driving horse, his gait is low and like a thoroughbred, he has a nice slow, working and extended trot, without getting hot. The pinto with Buckaroo and King Lee behind him is a hotty, also real fun to drive but he has a lot of engine and wants to go! More leg action too. The pinto has a bigger eye, cheek, small tippy ears and nose which remind me of a little Welshie. The bay is always a good little guy, though quite wary of strangers, he can be bought with slow movement and a pocketful of treats. I’m just curious about the lines and how they developed.
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    Yes, crypt surgery can be quite expensive compared to regular gelding surgery; sometimes as much as 5x more than regular surgery (possibly more than that depending on the region and vet). Sometimes, upon sedation, they pop to the surface and regular gelding can be performed. Many minis don't drop until 3-4 years old, so if you have room to keep him separate from mares, give him a bit more time (at the very least til next spring). Have you palpated the region? Or, just looked and don't see?
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    You have some old big names in both your boys' background.... Champion bloodlines. Buckeroo, Rowdy. and Red Boy..... The history of the miniature horse -- way back is rather murky. Miniature horses all have Shetland in their background somewhere and probably Welsh Pony too........The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) was the first to be formed by breeders of small Shetlands........ And because of the height issue some breeders formed The American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA).
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    When I had Dapper Dan out today, we stopped to watch Tereon (aka Buckly) at work. They are hitching him to a wheel barrow, using a surcingle and both leading him from either side. He is doing pretty well! He did have one little tantrum while I was watching, but calmed down and finished fine. She said it's about the 10th time they've had him on the wheel barrow. It's actually a great training vehicle; it's a good weight and very noisy. Working together, they are really making progress with him. I asked how he is doing with their five big horses, and they said "he is the boss". No doubt about it. They have ordered a harness and are looking into carts. They love him and are excited to work with him. All good!
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    Outstanding shot. The reflection of the clouds in the water is the perfect complement.
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    I was quoted a price of $1500 to $1800 for the surgery three years ago when I was interested in purchasing a cryptorchid. I live in New England, for reference, and I think our vet care costs may be higher here than elsewhere. If you do the surgery, they are better for it mentally and physically. As an aside, I also own a pony who was a crypt and gelded before I owned him. I didn't know it until two years after I bought him. He was gelded late and retains some residual stallion like behavior. He can be a handful once in awhile, but in general he is a happy camper and a pretty good guy.
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    Don't give up hope yet. I was able to do one of mine at two; the vet said as long as it was the size of a kernel of corn he could get it. But if you have to do crypt surgery, you will be doing him and the entire miniature horse world a favor.
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    no finishing part of it for us, mike is 80 yrs old and im in no condition to even paint. we picked out our house and builder . signing paperwork monday or tuesday. keep u posted
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    wow, i met several ladies in the last couple weeks that are getting me going again. 2 1/4 hours with charlie on monday and 1 1/2 hours with daisy. tuesday
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    90 minutes for the team Teddy/Massai/Moony on wednesday
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    one hour for Dapper Dan today.
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    Yesterday: quick 20 minutes for Teddy (single)
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    Yay! Sounds like you are both in luck.
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    Hi MC! 30 minutes ground driving followed by!30/minutes driving Peanuttoday.y. My keyboard is acting up again, lol.
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    Happy B-Day Dapper Dan! You look amazing!
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    Spring is coming
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    one hour for charlie 30 min for daisy. that's for friday. 1.5 hours for charlie today, saturday
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    I started to take Dapper Dan out this morning. We got about 1/4 mile out and it looked as though he was favoring a leg, so we returned home and I gave him some banamine. My sister and I plan to drive on Friday morning, early. Hopefully Dd will be up for it. By the time I get him brushed, clean his feet so I can put his boots on, get the boots on, get harnessed--I am a sweat ball.
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    @Peggy P wow, looks great! Driving hours of the last days: friday: 50 minutes for the team Teddy/Moony and 50 minutes for Massai single saturday: 80 minutes for the 3-in-hand team Massai/Moony/Teddy sunday: 70 minutes again with 3-in-hand team
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    40 minutes for DD. A mile out there were lightning flashes and thunder. We started to hurry, but got pretty wet on the way home. DD loves water so he did not mind at all. And it kept us cool.
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    Ponied Slodka off my gelding this morning, first time ever, she did well!
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    50 minutes for Dapper Dan today.