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    He should she'd out to dark bay or black. Sire's name is Stratavarious, Dams name is Berry Presumptuous.
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    got to go trail driving with matt. we had a good time. about 1 hr and 20 minutes tuesday. thn i took daisy o about 25 minutes
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    I telltale sign of parasite load is a hook on the end of body hair. Easy to see, especially if he hasn't shed off completely. This is a good time of year to worm as the parasites are active now and more likely to be affected. A fecal sample is where I would start. My vet charges $6 for it. Pin worms do not show up in fecals, though, so you might want to use Ivermectin first, then follow in a couple of weeks with a different one for pinworms. I used Exodus, but your vet may suggest a different one. He very likely has pinworms. I think the five day power pack might be good; ask the vet about it and he can also advise the correct dose. I do a fecal on my horses spring and fall. Sometimes I can go a couple of years without using a wormer. But my horses are on clean pasture and don't interact much with other horses. Depends on your situation. I did have a bad pinworm episode last fall; a new horse brought them and my older gelding had a rough time till I was able to figure it out. I did not know what was going on. The Ivermectin did not get them all; it says it does, but it does not. I am super freaked by pinworms now. Depending on where you live, hopefully you can get some driving help. I drive. Great way to enjoy your horse! Check out the driving forum.
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    I agree with a fecal sample , this will give you a better direction to take. Regarding driving , there's a section on this forum you could start a thread and get some great advice . Welcome to the forum 😊
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    You are correct, you probably don't want to use a strong dewormer and cause a massive die off. It would probably be a good idea to take a fecal sample into your vet and get a fecal egg count done, and even if it comes up negative, that doesn't mean your horse is worm free as there a few types that don't show up in FECs (tape wormers for instance). [Just grab a few fresh apples off the top of a pile, put them in a baggy and take them to your vet.] Quest dewormer (any with active ingredient Moxidectin) is not recommended in minis, as the safety margin is very small; if it must be used, get a scale weight and dose precisely, not over or under (don't guesstimate weight, tape measure or calculate; scale weight only).
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    I ended up putting Peanut back on the Remission. I was not happy with the Quiessence in the long run. The weight gain and increased cresty neck continued for the month that I had him on it. The postive part of the experiment is that the Quiessence customer service is great, they were very helpful when I emailed a question to them. And the product did take the "hot and fizzy" edge of Peanut. A+ for both of those things.
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    Peggy P it is nice to see a picture of Sundance Kid. I love me some handsome silver dapples ☺. If I remember, you were going to the Spring Driving Fling? Is it this weekend? 25 minutes of Driving Cappy 15 minutes of ground driving Peanut, both yesterday.