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Miniature Horse Pregnancy, Foaling and Mare Stare Forum

Do you have a pregnant mare that you would like help with? Please add her here, and our members can help you with her progression through the foaling process. You may post questions about pregnancy and foaling here, and as always, these and all questions are also welcome on our main forum.
There are pinned topics on this forum with important information and archives to read. We are here to help!

Any questions that apply to your currently already pregnant mare about her care and the foaling, up to, and just after the birth of your foal go here on this forum :yes
*Once your foal is born and safely on the ground then all new questions belong on our main Miniature Horse Forum and will be moved there if posted here. 
       *Please NOTE this clarification about topics for this forum "once your foal is born" includes questions related to your current foaling such as: a dystocia, colostrum, navel care, passing the meconium, mare passing/retaining the placenta, mare rejecting the foal, dummy foals, initial care for a dwarf foal...
When the foal/mare make it through the first full couple days and everything is fine then all new questions will belong on the main forum. If you experience a problem birth and your foal continues to need help please continue posting your
questions right here.
(Don't worry, your topics will end up in the correct place... all our members (even the ones who frequent this forum) will be there to help you if it gets moved.)

Questions about breeding and raising the foal go on our main forum.
* Please remember to add your new foal to our yearly foal count pinned at the top of the main forum.
Have fun and remember that while that mare has us waiting for the foal, there are many things to talk about.  The Back Porch is the "go-to" place for that. Please keep this forum on topic. :yes     

Preparing yourself for the birth of your foal -Dystocias  | Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome or 'dummy foal' - The Madigan Foal Squeeze | Red Bag  |  Upside down foals  | Dwarfism Foaling kit |  Miniature Horse Fetal Development


BIG Thank you to Maryanne Cerullo of Miniature Ventures for the use of her articles --> here
Basic Foaling     The RH Factor Foal    Red Bag Birth   The Septic Foal  -plus more




Yearly Foaling Journal Archives

Individual farms yearly foaling archives. For reference

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